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Peter Michael is a channel, spiritual healer, shamanic healing practitioner, author, and teacher of entity clearing. Peter has been involved with energy healing modalities for more than 20 years. He studied with master exorcist John Livingston, and a multitude of shamanic teachers. Peter uses techniques discovered by John in his clearing work, along with many other methods he has learned. He uses shamanic healing methodologies as well as his own intuitive gifts to facilitate healing. Peter Michael also took various workshops in shamanic healing with the foundation of shamanic studies.

Peter was first trained in entity clearing in 2003, and he began removing entities from people professionally in 2011. The first 8 years of his entity removal work was spent developing his clearing skill, building a strong relationship with helping spirits, and learning through trial and error what worked, and did not work. Since 2011, he has cleared more than 5000 clients at-distance, trained 500 people worldwide, and removed many thousands of spirit attachments, and dark entities from the planet, and people. Peter Michael can be said to be a specialist of entity related knowledge, and the nature of entity attachment in our current world.

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