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Peter Michael is a healing practitioner of 20 years, teacher of depossession work/spirit removal, author, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and channel of various spirit teachers/guides. Peter Michael was first introduced to spirit removal work in early 2003, and worked with master exorcist John Livingston, who was a trained shamanic practitioner, therapist and teacher to Peter Michael. Peter was also trained by various other shamanic practitioners and received additional trainings through the foundation of shamanic studies.


Peter Michael has been said to be one of the principal teachers in the field of spirit removal work, as he has sold over 10,000 audio programs in the last decade, and has helped thousands of people understand how to clear themselves of non-physical entities. Prior to Peter's introduction, there was never any audio healing/clearing protocol offered to society. Most clearing methods were offered in text with no clear understanding of the correct procedures involved. Only in the last 7 years has the topic of entity attachment become more commonplace. 20 years ago, there may have been 5 to 10 people on the entire internet that offered entity clearing work as a service. The words 'Entity Attachment', are quite common now, yet 20 years ago nobody really used these 2 words together, and they were rarely spoken in conjunction. Through the work of Peter, many believe these words became more popularized and as common as they are today. 

Peter Michael, in the last 20 years, has removed an extremely large amount of dark energy from this planet and people. It can be said that Peter has achieved a certain level of spiritual mastery in his healing experience. Peter has also personally trained around 900 people in the last decade, (all through this website) and worked with several thousand clients. Peter has also wrote 2 books, and is currently working on a third book, which will explain his 20 year experience of soul loss and soul retrieval integration healing methods.

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