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Dark and Negative Spirits and People

Negative spirits are those who at the time of death did not choose to cross over to the other side but instead became trapped on earth as whole souls. Negative spirits are also not like common earthbound spirits in that they have chosen to work with the darker side of consciousness in our universe.

Negative spirits work as partners with the dark forces to have power and control over people, steal people's power, and help the dark forces in their work on earth. Negative spirits have an intent to harm, hurt and steal power from the people they possess. Negative spirits were most likely negative people in their time on earth. Negative people were those souls who while on earth spent their time as the attacker, violator, abuser, or just chose to hurt others for fun or pleasure.

The negative soul or person is the soul who chose to not live in their "light" on earth but rather in their "dark side" while on earth. The "dark side" of our souls is the part of us that we do not like to look at, the part of us we like to keep hidden, or suppressed, or shut off.

Everyone has a dark side or "shadow self" and some of us choose to express it more then others. Those who chose to heavily express their dark side, chose to not live in the light of their soul and chose to live an unbalanced way of life. The expression of the dark side of the soul is not wrong, but when done in extremes is an unhealthy existence and way of life. To overtly express the dark side of ones soul would mean to commit some kind of unhealthy act such as murder, rape, torture, sexual abuse, child abuse, war, genocide, etc. To commit acts like these causes a disbalance of energy, places you onto a negative threshold of existence which has darker consequences and does not promote the growth or empowerment of life on earth.

Now, there is no such thing as right or wrong, but there is such a thing as choosing unhealthy and healthy choices. If the causes of your choices promote more misery and pain on earth then you helped contribute more lower level power and energy to this planet. Now, like I said there is no right or wrong or judgement after death, but if you spent your existence on earth creating more pain and sickness for humanity then you will have to end up paying for that in the form of karma, which means you will have an energetic debt that you will have to clear up before you are allowed to move on to the next stage of your existence.

Life is not about being a dark or light person, but being a strong combination of both, which means you understand and accept your dark side. It is not something you hide or are ashamed of, and you understand your light qualities as well. This understanding and acceptance of your dark or shadow side is what creates balance, and it is what this universe wants for you in order for you to evolve beyond light and dark. For if we choose to hide or mask our dark side we suppress a hidden power that is a part of us, but that we choose to deny. Suppressing parts of our selves creates a disbalance of power and does not allow ourselves to grow and evolve. We have to accept all the parts of ourselves no matter how dark or unhealthy they may be, for this creates balance which is needed to grow.

There are multiple different dark and negative spirits that work with the dark side.

The first is the "demon spirit entity".

The demon spirit entity is a demonic or darker level spirit entity. The demon spirit entity works very much like demons in that they create fear and pain in the people they possess. The demon spirit entity was most likely an extremely negative person that chose to create nothing but pain while on earth. Because the demon spirit entity was once human, it followed the same exact lifestyle and choices that it did as a human. Most or all dark and negative spirits were dark and negative people and they chose the same exact lifestyle and choices after death. The demon spirit entity is a much more darker and negative form of spirit entity then most other negative spirit entities. The demon spirit entity intensifies all fear based beliefs, thoughts and emotions, just like actual demons but in a lower level form then demons. They follow the same exact traits and habits as demons, except that they are spirits and are not at the level of power that most demons are on. It is very much like the ant kingdom, where you have worker ants, queen ants, slave ants and so on.

Demon spirit entities are just on a lower level then actual demons, but they are very similar in nature.

The next type of spirit entity is the "bully spirit entity".

The bully spirit entity is the entity who bully's the people it possesses. Bully spirit entities like to push around and dominate the people they possess. Bully spirit entities are those who while alive on earth as humans spent their time bullying people, pushing people around, and dominating the weaker or less strong people.

The bully used fear as his or her power and dominated those around him or her as a way to hide and mask his or her own weaknesses and flaws. The bully is a person who had a lot of unresolved pain and emotions and the only way the bully knew how to handle those emotions and problems was to push around other people. The bully gets his or her power from dominating the weaker or less powerful.

The bully may have been a police officer, security guard or other type of law enforcement officer. The bully then followed the same exact lifestyle and habits that it had when it was alive, after it died. The bully spirit entity chose to be the same exact person it was as a human after it entered the spiritual dimension.

The last type of negative spirit entity is the "sorcerer spirit entity".

Sorcerer spirit entities are a special type of spirit entity that steals parts of personal power and soul from the people they possess. Sorcerer spirit entities are those who while on earth as humans spent their time stealing other people's power.

The sorcerer spirit entity may have been the dominating person in a sexual relationship, the boss or some other type of figure who liked to have power over others. Sorcerer spirit entities were also actual sorcerers in their time on earth. Sorcerers were those who used dark magic, dark power, or dark intention to have power over others. Many sorcerers came from the medieval ages where sorcery was very common. The common sorcerer in our times is the energy and power thief, the rapist, or any type of person who chooses to steal other people's power or soul.

Sorcery in its truest definition is using the power of the dark side to have power over others.

Sorcerer spirit entities when attached to people will actually steal parts of personal power or soul. These stolen parts of power or soul are kept in a hiding place in the spiritual dimension.

When removed these sorcerer spirit entities must give up these parts of power they have stolen. Sorcerer spirit entities when attached to a person will steal as much personal power and energy as they can while they are attached to a person. Sorcerer spirit entities work hand in hand with the dark forces to create more power and energy loss (soul loss) in the energy field, which causes more dark entities to attach to that person.

The more power and energy stolen from a person, the more cuts and holes develop in the energy field, and the more energetically weak and vulnerable that person becomes. The deeper a person's energetic weakness or vulnerability the easier that person becomes open to the attachment of darker level entities. The more dark entities that attach to a person the more energy and power is taken from that person and the easier that person becomes a victim to energetic sickness, which develops physically into emotional, mental and energetic problems.

All energetic sickness is based on power and energy loss (soul loss) which causes cuts and holes to develop in the energy field which allows the entry of dark forces and spirits. Soul retrieval is an ancient healing method which closes these cuts and holes in the energy field and restores lost power and energy (soul), but it does not remove any attached dark forces or spirits.

A common practice among healers who perform soul retrieval is to close up the cuts and holes in the energy field but not remove any attached dark forces or spirits. This is caused by a lack of understanding of how dark forces and spirits function or an unwillingness to accept their existence.

People need to understand that dark forces and spirits are not a form of belief, but a form of energy who's intent is to harm the people they attach to. Until a person develops an advanced level of spiritual consciousness, which includes the possession of dark forces and spirits that person is not yet at the level of an advanced being. We need to give up our preconceived notions of what we think is real and not real in order to fully evolve beyond our current level of consciousness. This is what will ultimately decide your level of consciousness. For if you are unwilling to accept the existence of dark and lower level beings you have chosen to limit your consciousness to that which you understand.


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