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This is to inform you that this website and all of it's contents, images, articles, words, text, and everything else on this site has been registered and copyrighted with the U.S. Copyright office since 2011. Nobody has permission to use any content from this site without written permission. It has been shown to me that some people seem to think that content on the internet is of free use with no respect or credit due to the author. This is not the case. I have found at least 120 websites that stole my content, word for word, and attempted to claim it as their own, often with no apology to me after I had their sites removed for violation of my copyright. I also found 3 people who wrote and published books using my content, word for word. Their book publishers ended up paying me settlements, and removed their books from circulation. My audio program has also been copyrighted and is protected under the U.S. copyright law. This website was started in 2011 under the original name/url of It has now been transformed into

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