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The only people that have problems with demons or spirits are people who believe in them or give them power. If you do not believe in spirits or dark forces then you are not going to pick them up.

This is false.

The fact remains that regardless of what you believe or don't believe makes no difference whatsoever as to whether you will pick up a spirit or demonic entity. Dark forces and spirits are not a belief; they are a simple fact of life and just because you have chosen to not believe in them does not mean that you cannot pick them up. That is like saying, if you do not believe in cancer then you can't get it. If you have chosen to deny the existence of dark forces and spirits, that only causes you to stay unaware of the truth. You may end up having some type of dark force or spiritual attachment, but because you have chosen to not believe in them, you will ultimately end up living your entire life with them. It is the people who decide to deny spirit and demonic attachment that will have the most problems because they will be completely clueless as to what is really going on with themselves on an energetic and spiritual level.

The idea of non-physical beings is still a taboo and difficult concept for most people to accept and understand. If this is something that you have chosen to not accept that is OK. You are just not ready for this and you are better off focusing your time on much more earthly concerns. I am not in the position of proving anything to anyone and if you refuse to accept this information you are free to that choice.

There are no demons or dark forces, spirits, angels, or a god. The only thing that exists is life on earth.

This is false.

Beyond the physical dimension of life on earth there are beings which are non-physical, which are both dark and light. Human beings who cannot see beyond the physical dimension of life are actually trapped on a consciousness level. Their consciousness is trapped on the physical dimension. It is like only being able to see a small part of life, and then thinking that that small part of life is all that exists. Let’s say for example you lived in a small town, and you were only allowed to live in that town. In that town there were no televisions, cars, or big buildings, airplanes, or technology. Now if you spent your entire life in that town, it would be all you knew. In fact, you would believe so strongly that what was in that town was all that there was in life. If someone new came into your town and told you that there was something called a city, that had automobiles, airplanes, television and technology you would not believe them. In fact, you might even call them crazy. You would not believe them because you spent your whole life in a limited environment, and you became trained to believe that this environment was all that there was. Now very similar to this story is the dimension of physical and non-physical life. People who have not gone beyond the physical dimension are trapped within it, and are trained to believe that it is all that exists.

Only atheists, non-religious people, or "sinners" can pick up spirits and/or demons/dark forces.

This is false.

All people can pick up spirits and demons/dark forces regardless of age, sex, intelligence level, religious preference, financial status, personality, hair color, etc. This is a made up religious belief created to keep people who believe it trapped in the belief and unaware of the truth. No section of humanity is immune to the attachment of spirits and demons because they are of a certain religion, or because they meditate, or do yoga, or any other type of spiritual practice.

Spirits and demons/dark forces can be removed with spells, chanting/mantras, reiki, sound, prayer, salt, magic, sorcery, aura cleansing, energy healing, positive thinking/wishful thinking, incense, sage/smudging, candles, white light, meditation, methods used by religions, reading the bible/koran/bhagavad gita or any other religious book, or just believing in the universe/creator/god, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, or some other deity.

This is false.

It should be understood that when a spirit or dark entity/demon decides to attach itself to you or anyone else, it is not going to leave without being forced to leave. It has decided that it is going to stay with you till death and unless you can come up with some type of action to seriously force it to leave, it is not going anywhere. Spirits and dark forces can only be removed with an energy stronger than themselves. This energy is love. Love is the only thing that is more powerful than fear and all fear based beings, energies, thoughts, and emotions. But you must know how to use love in the correct way. Anything you use or do which does not invoke a supreme power or energy of love will not work. Demons, dark forces and spirits also need to be directed to a certain place. You cannot just say leave me, or go away. They must be taken to where they are needed to go, and they all go to different places depending on the types of entities they are. This is the reason most religious methods, chants, prayers, white light visualizations, and everything else do not work, because they are not complete removal methods, nor do they have the intensity of energy required to remove non-physical beings. Removing spirits and dark forces is not an easy task especially if you are not using the correct method and you are not using the correct form of energy behind that method. If you are using the correct method and you use that method with the correct energy and intention behind it then removing whatever is attached to you or someone else is very easy. Anything is difficult when you do not use the correct tools. Most spirit removal/exorcism/depossession methods do not work, especially the methods used by most common religions and some types of spiritualists/psychics/mediums.

Demons, spirits, and dark forces are something you should fear.

This is false.

Demons and spirits are not something to fear, but instead they are something to understand. If you fear them, then you have chosen to give them power. If you fear them then you have not learned how to deal with them and not dealing with them will only make you fear them even more. What you deny and hide from only creates a bigger more powerful form of fear.

You have to be an exorcist or be highly trained to remove spirits, demons, or dark forces.

This is false.

Maybe in the past it was taught that only the ministers, or the top priests were able to remove spirits and dark forces, but that is not true. Anyone on earth can remove dark forces and spirits, even small children if they were trained correctly. It is like saying that only certified exterminators can kill rats and mice from your house, when in reality a small child can kill a rat, all it takes is knowing how to do in the right way.

Exorcism is painful.

This is false.

Exorcism is never meant to be painful or stressful or take longer than a few minutes to perform. All the hysteria from movies have trained people to think that exorcism is hard, and painful, and will make your head spin around. In reality exorcism is actually painless, and makes people feel like a weight has been taken off of their shoulders, or a heaviness has been removed from them.

You can only get spirits or demons from paying attention to them, or focusing on them, or thinking about them. If you do not pay attention to them you will not pick them up.

This is false.

This is like saying if you have sex with someone who has an STD, but you do not pay attention to them you will not pick up their disease. Now your mind and thoughts are a form of energy and if you are constantly thinking fear based thoughts about how demons are out to get you, then that may attract more of them to you, but it will not cause you to pick them up. The only real causes of people picking up spirit or dark entity attachments is fear, and all fear based emotions, lowering yourself in any way through drugs and/or alcohol, or losing a form of your power/energy through soul loss.

You have to be hearing voices or be crazy to be possessed.

This is both true and false.

You do not have to be severely possessed to have a spirit or dark force attached to you. People who hear voices and/or talk to beings that are not there or real are severely possessed. But most people are not at that level. To be at that level you have to have had some serious trauma and opened some serious doorways in your life. Most people are "partially possessed". Partial possession means that a person is still fully functioning, meaning they are able to have a job, have friends, and do all the normal things that people do, except that their thoughts, emotions, and energy are partially influenced by a small amount of spirits and/or dark forces. Most people do not open doorways big enough for a massive amount of spirits and dark forces to enter them. Most people open small doorways so that they get a few demons and/or spirits attach to them, and usually it is 1-3. People who are heavy drug and/or alcohol users tend to pick up more serious types of attachments like dark ET's and demons in multitudes.

If I had a demon or spirit attached to me I would know it.

This is false.

How would you know it if you had a demon or spirit attached to you? You may have some of the symptoms stated on this site, but you also may have become used to those symptoms and not think that they are serious. It is almost like having a nail stuck in your hand. In the beginning you would feel the nail, but over time you would get used to the feeling of the nail. This is how demons and spirits work within people. As time goes on they become more and more a part of the people they attach to. Most people with spiritual attachments do not know they have them because the attachments feel so much like their natural self. It may sound odd that a person would not know that they have something distinct from themselves within their energy fields/aura, but it is the way things work. Most people are shut off on so many levels that they just have not developed the gift or ability to sense, see, or feel something non-physical within them. It is a psychic gift that only so many people have developed. So most common people walk around completely unaware (spiritually asleep) that they have something external to themselves within them. I have also had the opportunity to meet many healers and psychics who were also completely unaware they had some spirit or dark force attached to them. It is a special type of awareness to be able to feel and sense or see non-physical energy.

Psychics/mediums, priests/preachers, shamans, and other healers are very good at removing spirits and demons/dark forces.

This is false.

Most healers, 99% of preachers/priests/ministers, and most psychics and mediums have no idea how to remove spirits and dark forces. They may have developed some type of method or technique they use, but that does not mean those methods work. I have had many people come to me telling me this healer or psychic removed a dark entity or spirit from them, when in reality the dark entity or spirit was never removed. The healer may have done some other type of energy work that masked the feeling of the spirit or dark force attachment for a temporary time, but when that energy work wore off the spirit or dark force revealed itself again. Shamans and shamanic healers in general do not know how to remove dark forces. There are many of them who can remove spirit attachments/ghosts, but not dark forces. Most healers are just not trained in the removal of dark forces or spirits, or they have certain beliefs, or ideas about them which are not accurate. They will not detect them in you and they will leave them attached to you. Just because a person has the title of "healer" or "shaman" or "psychic" does not mean you should work with them. There is a dark side to healing, and some healers are not working with the "light", and may cause you more problems than before you encountered them. Ask them questions, notice their responses, check and verify them, see what other types of healing work they do, and examine them as a whole.

You cannot remove demons, dark forces or spirits from people at a distance.

This is false.

In the world of spirit, distance makes no difference in healing. Removing spirits and demons from people at a distance is the same as removing them if they were in front of you. In fact, many healers who do spirit releasement work prefer to work at a distance as it helps to protect themselves from picking up any of the clients attachments. Healers who cannot do at-distance spirit removal work are not at an advanced level of removing non-physical beings. Every healer who does that type of work should have no problem working at a distance.

Dark forces and spirits like certain people more than others.

This is true.

Some people have an unknown ability within themselves, and if they developed that ability or gift it might cause them to become "threats" to the dark forces. These people may be called light workers or something of that nature. Basically there are some of us who possess a potential to create immense light on this planet and shift the negative and dark energies here in such a way that it would create a major shift within this planet. By creating this shift we would therefore be diminishing the dark light or darkness in this world. People like this are threats to the dark forces, and so in a plan to control and dominate light workers, demons and dark forces are actually tasked or sent to certain people. They have also been known to wait for these "special" light workers to incarnate again after dying in a previous lifetime. They would follow them around as soon as they entered a new human body and wait for them to create some type of opening so they could attach to them. Now all people are in some way or another a potential light worker, therefore all people are treated as if they could possibly be threats to the dark forces. But there are certain "gifted" individuals who may actually create some serious damage to the dark forces agenda, thereby causing the dark forces to have less power and control over humans. These "special" people are treated as goals or prizes among the dark forces.

Your own fears are good, healthy and a natural part of being human. You could never stop having fear.

This is false.

Fear is not a natural part of being human. You have trained yourself to have fear. It is a learned response. It is how animals that do not have any self-control function. It is also a choice. It is how you have chosen to function through wrong habits, ideas, and lifestyles. It is also how people feel because they are dis-empowered. If you have spent most of your life with spirits, demons, or dark forces attached to you, that has influenced the way you think, feel, and respond to life. Anger is also fear, just directed in a different path with more intense negative emotions and energy added to it. Fear is also an energy. It is the lowest level frequency and vibration that exists in the universe. Because it is a lower form of energy, it attracts everything that is of a lower form of energy - demons, spirits, paranoia, violence, fear based thinking, etc. Most people whether they understand it or not are operating under some level of fear. Even advanced healers and masters who project an image of being enlightened and evolved have fear repressed somewhere within themselves. If there is anything that you fear, then there is a part of yourself that has not been healed. A part of yourself is still connected to a lower level, and by repressing it or denying it only makes it grow and have more power.
Fear encompasses so many things beyond emotions and thoughts, like your energy, vibration, and frequency. Every human has a certain vibration or energetic frequency. This vibration is also connected to fear. You may not be afraid of many things, but that does not say that your energy does not vibrate at a fear level. For instance, many people completely unknown to themselves feed and live from the life-force (energy) of other people. People like this have been called energy or psychic vampires, emotional vampires, draining, needy and empty people, etc. These are all people who are in a very dark and lower vibration (fear). Now these people may project confidence, positivity and power, yet their energy and aura emanates a very low level fear based energy. Because their energy, aura and light is dark and dis-empowered, they have to feed off of other people's energy and power in order to compensate for their own lack of power and energy. And this is how many people function. 


Fear is an illusion designed to dis-empower you and keep you locked in the structure and physics of a psychological and spiritual dimension, the fear dimension. In reality fear has no power except the power you give to it.

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