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- The Dark Forces

The dark forces are an elite group of dark, and lower level entities, an intelligence, and consciousness form, and a realm of existence. The dark forces are run by a leadership, and a complex network of various types of beings which all work together, and follow the same protocol, which is domination, and power over the human race, and in some instances, the demise of certain humans. Dark forces employ, if you will, certain beings such as demons, to populate earth to intensify fear, dark power, and dominate light workers. The dark forces also exist as a consciousness form outside of their dimension within the human race, as fear and negative power. Fear, and the byproducts of fear are the energetic resemblance, and character of the entire dark force realm. Fear is ultimately the only thing that separates the human race from having a connection to the dark forces, as they use fear to control humans, and keep them trapped within their dimension.


- Demons/Dark Energy Beings

Demons are the major adversary on this planet in the game of entity attachment and possession. They play one of the biggest parts in the battle of fear (darkness) vs. love (light). Demons are non-human dark energy beings that are tasked by the dark forces to attach to the human race, and create as much misery, pain, and chaos as they can. Their work here on earth is to empower the dark forces through the manipulation, dis-empowerment, and destruction, if you will, of the human race. They are made of either masses of dark souls that have been compressed together or whole non-human dark beings. There are also different classes/species of demons such as shape-shifters and lesser demons. Shape shifting giant demons are able to move around the energy field freely, and jump in, and out of this realm, and into theirs. Lesser demons are lower level demons that are not as advanced as shape shifters, but still possess a negative/dark power and energy.


- Spirits Entities/Spirits of Deceased/Ghosts/Poltergeists

Spirit entities are human souls who at the time of death refused to cross over to the next world. Because they did not choose to cross over they became stuck on earth as either whole souls or parts of souls, possibly forever. These earth bound spirits are then lost, lonely, and confused, and are attracted to living humans, to live from their energy and emotions, and live through them.


- Dark Spirit Entities

Dark spirit entities are those who have decided to work hand in hand with the dark forces. They are in essence dark souls who became aligned with the dark forces after their physical death. They work together with demons and other dark entities to steal parts of people's power, soul, and create bigger openings and holes in people's energy field so they can pick up more entity attachments.


- Dark ET's - Reptilians, Greys

Dark ET's, Reptilians, Greys, Blues, and other Dark ET's are in large leaders of the dark forces, and work hand in hand with the upper echelon of dark entities in existence. Dark ET's are ancient extraterrestrial beings who came to earth to use the planet earth, humans, and all of the earth's inhabitants as an energy source, and form of power. They are the most problematic beings that exist. Many dark ET's are similar to angelic beings in terms of their understanding, and consciousness of the nature of reality. Many dark ET's are renegades, and outcasts from their planets, realms, and dimensions, and were forced to come to earth, because it was the last resort. They in turn became aligned with the dark forces agenda, and were granted an earth contract of sorts which placed them in high ranks among the dark realm. As their role with the dark forces indicates they are tasked to control, and lead many masses of demons, and dark entities on earth, and help them in their work with humans. Dark ET's place thin thread like implants within humans to monitor their thoughts, location, and levels of understanding. They replace human thoughts with their own, and steal fragments of the energy body, and replace it with parts of their own. Humans who become attached with dark ET's are not entirely human, as they carry an alien consciousness within them, but that is true of all spirit attachments and dark forces.

- ET implants

Implants are very thin thread like cords that are attached to humans from the ET realm or dimension to maintain control and monitor humans. They are set up as a watching tool to mostly monitor how people think and use certain thought patterns to their advantage. It is how they maintain a connection to people.


- Fallen Angels

Fallen angels are a special type of angelic being that chose to stay earthbound and separate themselves from the rest of the angelic realm. Fallen angels became aligned with the dark forces agenda on earth and worked side by side with them to help them in their work with the human race. There was a time many hundreds of years ago where fallen angels were found in many people, but now they are a rare breed and most have realigned with the light. There are still a few on this planet and it has been found that they are more or mostly (99%) attracted to female women.


- Demons born into a human incarnation

Some people at the time of their incarnation/birth on this planet were born with a demon or other dark force entity attached to them or infused with their soul. The demons become attached within the womb and at the exact moment of a new souls arrival on earth. This is not a common phenomenon and only happens with people who have had contracts with the dark forces, or unhealed/unfinished/uncleared soul contracts from a past life, or some other underlying issue that would cause a dark force to attach at that moment in a person's life.


- Negative Spirit Guides

A negative spirit guide is a being who tries to hide under the guise or title of a spirit guide, but really has nothing positive to offer, and is more then likely a dark spirit, or demon masquerading as a spirit guide or angelic voice within a person.

- Doorways or "Doors"

Doorways are energetic openings that are created within a person's energy field, or mind, or body, that create a lower vibrational (energy) opening, which instantly allows or invites any type of non-physical being within a close enough proximity into a person's energy field/aura. These doorways are created through various ways, such as fear, anger, drugs, alcohol, some medications, some surgeries, being unconscious/knocked out for a moment, power over others through sex, money, intimidation, or any other type of dark power over someone, stealing other people's power/soul, soul loss/trauma, religious fanaticism, some forms of channeling, and many more.

- Dark Portals - in people or places

Dark portals are energetic doorways from this dimension into the dark force dimension. They use them to jump in, and out of this dimension, and into their dimensions. They can be placed within people's energy fields or they can be placed within certain spaces, homes, land, etc.

- Cords with people

Cords are energetic connections we have with people which do not serve us. They keep us energetically,  and spiritually connected to certain people we have had relationships with. Cords are created for a reason, and it is mostly based around a power battle, or fear based, or negative relationship between two people. We all develop cords with people, but when the people we are dealing with are not healthy, or the relationship is unhealthy the cords become very thick and sticky, and begin to drain energy, and power from one person to another. There must be a lesson learned as to why the cord became attached in order for it to be removed. 

-Psychic Cords

Psychic cords are a psychic (mental) connection with another person. Psychic cords keep you connected with another person psychically and mentally, which results in constant dreams with that person, an infatuation or constant thinking of that person, thinking about that person at the same time they are thinking about you, psychic attacks, feeling constantly bombarded by another person's thoughts, emotions, energy or personality, and more. Psychic cords are different then normal cords in that they are in your mind and are not energetic in nature. Psychic cords keep us connected to people we build relationships with, but many of them are not healthy for us as they keep us connected to those people who are unhealthy for us.  

- Clones

Clones are energetic replicas of your energy that have been created by a dark or reptilian ET. They basically mask a part of your energy field with a part of their own. Clones are created as a way to steal a part of your energy field and replace it with something that resembles your energy, but in fact is not your energy, but the energy of an ET.

- Spells, Curses, Hexes

Spells derive from what people refer to as black magic. Black magic is a form of energy work which uses negative intention, fear, thought, and will power to bring some sort of negative desire or action into being. Spells are used to try to influence a person in some way negatively. A part of the person who it is being directed at must agree to it in some way for it to work. It cannot work on a person if that person does not allow themselves to be influenced by outside forces. What you believe in gives power to what you believe in, therefore you can have many spells placed on you, but if you do not give them power to work they will have little to no influence on your life. Curses are a form of negative intention combined with energy. They are similar to the field of black magic, but in a way they are much more common in that anyone can curse another person, where as spells take some experience and understanding of how they work. A curse can affect a persons life if they allow it to, if they feel as though they are cursed, or if they give power to fear and darkness.

-Power Based Relationships

Power Based Relationships are relationships based around power over another person. These relationships can be in family, friend, business, love, sexual, or any other type of relationship. They are relationships where one person feels like he or she has to play a dominating role, or a controlling role over another person. This is a role based out of fear, and a person's lack of power within themselves which forces them to operate like this. People over time develop habits and patterns within their personalities that are fear based which develop socially into domination, power over others, soul control, and so on. Demons and dark forces use people who operate in power based relationships as a doorway into their aura.

-Energy Vampires/Psychic Vampires

Energy vampires are people who have an internal disconnection to their personal power and soul. Because people are disconnected from their "light", then cannot or do not understand how to develop their own energy. This causes people to go outside of themselves to get energy (from other people). People who are energy vampires develop reversed energy fields (auras), which absorb and pull energy from everyone outside of themselves. Dark forces and demons can influence a person to become an energy vampire by gradually disconnecting them from their soul, but it is more complex then that. A person can still have many dark entities attached to him or herself, and not be an energy vampire. People truly become energy vampires by choice, it is a not a disease or form of victim-hood. It happens by never learning who you are or never building a connection with yourself internally. Because most people are never shown how to connect with themselves internally, they naturally develop a disconnectedness to themselves on a soul level. Many people believe they are in fact highly spiritual and evolved beings, yet they live from the energy and power of others, which only illustrates how hypocritical humanity is. Energy vampires exist in all walks of life, and are the predominate human being in our world. My findings (experience, channeling and intuition) suggest that 65% to 75% (or more) of the population in the USA are energy vampires. Surprisingly it is strangely close to the amount of people who have spirit or soul entities/ghosts/human souls attached to them. Most people who do it are so unconscious and "asleep" that they do not know or even realize they do it. It is a hidden energetic function within most human beings, and only those who do not function that way have to protect themselves from people like that.

- Contracts with the Dark Forces

Some people have contracts with dark forces or they are on a list. This list is basically an agreement with the dark forces to allow them into their lives constantly . These contracts can be made through some wrong spiritual choices such as soul stealing or stealing other people's power. You can also have past life contracts with the dark forces that were never healed or cleared and continued into this lifetime.

- Negative Thought Programs or Fear Based Belief Systems

Negative thought programs are dark or fear based subconscious belief patterns which affect how we think in our normal conscious everyday life. Negative thought programs can be created at a very young age from trauma, constantly being attacked, being the attacker in life, religious programming, or other extreme beliefs which are fear based. They are in essence a system or cluster of negative thought forms which empower all your negative and fear based beliefs. Since the way that you think affects the way you live, dark forces and other entities use negative thought programs to their advantage. Dark forces actually plant and intensify many negative thought programs as they empower all your negative beliefs, ideas, and emotions which ultimately empower any dark forces that are attached to you.

- Religious Programming

Religious programming is the psychological, emotional, and spiritual manipulation of humanity through the work of religion and religious control. Religions through their teaching program humans to think in a certain way, which limits their growth and higher evolution. Being taught that you are going to hell or you will be punished by god for not following his rules and so on is the fear based manipulation of humans through religious control. A large part of religions were taken over by the dark forces working through people in an attempt to use them as a way to keep people in fear, limit their consciousness, and keep people closed off to new experiences that may help them improve their quality of life. Demons and dark forces also use people who are extreme in their religious beliefs or who are fanatical as that is a form of dark power, and giving power to fear based thought and programming.

- Pornography

Pornography is the exploitation of sex. Pornography was originally intended to serve as a form of  mostly harmless voyeuristic entertainment, but it was soon developed into a darker form of voyeurism, aimed at the degradation and humiliation of female women. While pornography was first developed by humans, it's roots and exploitation were developed by the dark forces. Dark forces use pornography to control people sexually and feed the dark sides of their sexual nature. If used in its original context and left alone it would have been a form of harmless entertainment, but instead it has grown into a multibillion dollar industry. Pornography today is a form of self abuse, emotionally and spiritually, as it creates a need and emotional dependence on it (addiction). It is also a tool dark forces use to manipulate humans into becoming more self sexually gratifying, rather than creating whole and healthy relationships with real people. If you look at the deeper aspects of pornography, it is rooted in the domination of women, the abuse of women, and power over others (through sex), all things related to the dark forces, fear, and dark power. I am not one to tell people how they should live their lives, but pornography does produce more unhealthy relationships than healthy ones, and desensitizes men and women to the healthy, whole, and spiritual aspects of sex, and makes it become something impure and cheap.   

- Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is the paralysis of the human body while it is asleep or just beginning to sleep. Based on years of personal research and experience I have found that this disorder is either entirely caused by entity attachments, or is extremely intensified with entity attachments. Research has shown that this disorder does not occur in people who do not have entity attachments. It has been shown that while you are sleeping or beginning to fall asleep, the soul separates from the body, while this separation is happening or beginning to happen, an entity will get between your body and your soul for a temporary time as to create some dis-balance, confusion, fear, and steal a part of your energy while the transition is taking place. It should be noted that almost all people who experience this feel extremely tired and drained after the experience, as it is a power and energy struggle that is occurring between your physical body and an entity attachment. This disorder almost entirely heals or does not occur when people's attachments have been cleared. 

- Stolen Soul Parts by Entities

Some entities actually purposely steal soul parts from humans as to create bigger openings within their auras so that they can become heavily possessed. There are a type of spirit entity such as sorcerer spirit entities that do this, as well as some dark ET's.

Please understand that all of the information on this site is meant to educate people on the phenomenon of spirit attachment, but it is in my opinion that fear, darkness, dark forces, dark power, domination and power over others, and everything related to fear is an illusionary power, which has no real power. This is not to say you should not understand how to protect and clear yourself of entities, but it is suggesting that the power, energy, emotion, and negative/fear based beliefs you give to fear, and darkness are what determine it's level of power over you.


The only true lasting form of protection from all entities is giving up all your fear based beliefs about life, death, and darkness; deciding to not give power to fear, darkness, or death; healing all trauma, pain, and past wounds; living your life by making choices that support your higher growth and soul; and understanding that death is only a transformation of our soul into a new dimension/plane of existence. There is nothing to fear. There is no death, there is only rebirth. Let go and trust that all will be taken care of by our universe.

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