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The Hidden Truth About Ayahuasca/DMT, and Psychedelic Drugs

There is a new "fad" to go to the Amazon and try the exciting psychedelic Ayahuasca. What people are not understanding about this substance is the dimension it puts you in, and what it does to you spiritually and energetically.

First we need to understand the spiritual-chemical-and energetic relationship of this plant and other psychedelic drugs. All drugs affect and alter the power and intensity of the energy field around the physical body. These alterations, or tears, or distortions create "doors or doorways". A "door" is an energetic opening into another person's aura, energy, and space. When a person has created a door or doorway they have given up a certain part of their personal power, in an energetic sense. When people are dis-empowered they open themselves to things of a lower nature. Lower level entities and energies only exist in lower energetic territories and realms. Lower level entities such as demons and spirits can only enter people who have created a doorway, (a lower vibrational opening) in themselves.

Now lets look at why psychedelics, and all drugs in general, are dangerous or need to be used with a certain level of spiritual intelligence.

Beneath the veil of this reality exists entities (non-physical beings made of energy and consciousness). These entities are a cross between light (love), and dark (fear based/negative) entities. The light (love) beings, do not exist within lower level frequencies. They do not exist in dark and lower level realms. They are not accessed through leaving your body and traveling in other-worldly dimensions that are not of the light. They can only be accessed through higher levels of consciousness and understanding.

Then there are what are called dark entities or "dark forces". Dark entities only exist in dark and lower level dimensions. Dark entities are not allowed into light (higher dimensional) realms. So dark and lower level dimensions are the only dimension available to you when you damage your energy field, dis-empower yourself, lower your consciousness, weaken your energetic boundaries, and open your energy around "spiritually sick" people. This is not to imply that you cannot gain something from a psychedelic experience, but that you are opening yourself to a spiritual world and spirit based beings when you are on a psychedelic substance.

Drugs are a major gateway the dark forces use to gain access to a person's energy field. It is then no wonder why so many people have dark forces. Aren't drugs more popular now then they have ever been? Aren't drugs becoming more stronger and powerful as time goes on? If drugs are used as a gateway for entities to enter people, don't you think the dark forces will attempt to manipulate people into taking more powerful drugs? It was told to me when I was very young by a very old shaman that Marijuana was actually genetically altered by the "dark forces" to be more powerful so that people could pick up entities much easier. It only makes sense. How would you manipulate a group of people into entering your realm and allowing themselves to be vulnerable in that realm? Come up with a new way to expand people's minds using a substance that dis-empowers them and gives you access to them very easily.

What most people do not understand is that we are not living in a physical reality, it only appears to be that on the surface, but if you look deeper you will see that the physical world is only a sheet or mask for the "real world". And just like our physical reality, this "secret" world has groups of beings who do not have an interest in the growth and empowerment of humans. They are only interested in the dis-empowerment and manipulation of humans as to steal their power, energy, and light.

So now that we understand how chemicals affect your energy body let's examine the positive effects of psychedelics and other drugs.

All drugs on earth were created with a certain purpose. This purpose was healing. Our creator of this universe did not place a bunch of plants on earth for us to just get "high". We were given certain plants in order to expand parts of our selves, they were placed here with a divine intention and purpose behind them. They were not placed here to be used in a social or entertaining way. So all plants, drugs, and chemicals serve a certain divine purpose, which is to help us and heal us when used in the correct way that they were designed. The problem is that when you give someone something to use, they do not always use it in the correct way. This is the reason for drug abuse, drug addictions, over spending, over eating and more. People do not understand the "gift" of certain things, which causes them to misuse and abuse them. So when you are given a certain substance, it is up to you to use that substance in a healthy way that promotes healing.

Now there is no "up" without a "down". The stronger of a substance you take the more it dis-empowers you and weakens you in another way. This is the natural balance and order of things. So just because a certain plant has healing properties does not mean it is not damaging you in another way. This is the unconsciousness of psychedelic drugs and drugs in general. People do not understand that if you put your hand in a fire, you will get burned.

So let's say you were given Ayahuasca, DMT, or any other drug to use. You need to ask yourself, Why are you using this substance? Is it to gain certain spiritual insight, or to heal certain parts of your consciousness or self? Are you just taking this drug to have a fun and exciting experience? Are you aware of the damage you are doing to yourself while you are on this drug? Are you able to protect yourself from entities if you are willing to open yourselves to them? Are you able to clear your energy field from anything you might pick up while you are on this substance? Are you skilled enough in yourself to know that you have acquired an entity attachment while on this substance? No? Then you are not someone who should be using this and any other powerful psychedelic substance as you do not have the faculties to deal with anything "spiritual" you may encounter while on your "journey".

When you go to the store and you buy a bottle of aspirin, there is a list of possible negative side effects. These side effects have been researched and found to be very common, otherwise they would not post them on the label. When you take Ayahuasca, or DMT, or LSD or any other powerful drug, you are not given a list of possible negative side effects. You are just taking the substance and hoping for the best. Imagine if you were given a list of all the possible (and highly likely) negative side effects of Ayahuasca? Would you be so quick to jump in and experience this drug?

This is partially what is wrong with Ayahuasca/DMT, and other powerful drugs. The "shaman" says: take this, you will learn about yourself and I will protect you."

To give that amount of trust to someone who you do not know is somewhat dis-empowering and naive. I would have to fully understand this "shaman" for me to give away that amount of power and trust, as to give him or her permission to protect me. There are also some "dark shamans" who take and steal people's power and soul parts while they are open on these substances. So there is a lot that happens while on a psychedelic substance and you need to be very careful with who you involve in that experience. The problem with Ayahuasca especially is how popular it has become. Understand that any type of spiritual journey that is offered and promoted to the "common world", will have many flaws and hidden aspects to it. The very fact it is being promoted to common society says it is not the "right way" or the "high"/ or "enlightened" path.

Now, understand that these are not my own beliefs. I have personally been contacted by several people who have acquired heavy duty dark entities from using this and other substances. I have also worked along side many other healers who have told me stories of some clients who have picked up several dark entities from using this substance and others like it. This is not news to those who are in the "know". It is well known among healers who clear entities that people pick them up from using drugs of all types, going into fear, going into anger, and losing fragments of your energy from trauma (soul loss). I am not out to make everyone afraid, it is quite the contrary. I am merely trying to expose the hidden and secret aspects of substances, and what they do to people energetically. Life is not about being afraid of that which is dark, but being aware of that which is dark and unhealthy. I would not take a substance unless I knew everything about that substance. I would not open my energy and make myself vulnerable around people or in an environment which was not pure and clear, energetically and spiritually. I would not take a substance for entertainment or pleasure. I would not act as a "guide" for people to take these substances unless I told them everything about them and their dangers. I would not make it fashionable or cool to go on a psychedelic experience. I would not hide anything from someone if they were giving me trust and power to protect them. People need to learn how to be their own "shamans" and teachers and not rely on the power or protection of others. People need to learn how to be empowered in themselves and understand that if they choose to dis-empower themselves for certain reasons that there are consequences to their choices.


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